“Brostep vis Beautiful” (80% Skrillex 20% Rednek)

3rd mix: “Brostep vis Beautiful” (27:33 minutes, mixed 2011-12)

“Brostep is ‘dubstep with more anger to it'”

“Brostep attracts female crowds because of the more upbeat, dance style”

“Brostep producers create sounds that might sound good on a laptop, but once the music is played on a quality system, ‘you just don’t get the same sound value'”

This mix here is my take on the whole Brostep/Skrillex issue. It is 27:33 minutes long.

download 256 kbps mp3 from soundcloud.com/djmix5000
download 256 kbps mp3 from hearthis.at/djmix
download 256 kbps mp3 (mirror)

01. Logam – “Your Mom Makes Dubstep” [Betamorph, free download]
02. Skrillex – “Fucking Die 1” [My Name Is Skrillex EP, free download]
03. Skrillex – “Ruffneck (Flex)” [Big Beat 075679968098]
04. Skrillex – “Ruffneck (FULL Flex)” [Big Beat 075679968098]
05. Nero – “Promises” (Skrillex & Nero Remix) [More Than A Lot MTAREC007]
06. Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go – “Cinema” (Skrillex Remix) [D:vision DV746]
07. Skrillex & Foreign Beggars – “Still Getting It” [Never Say Die NSDX010]
08. Skrillex feat. 12th Planet – “Needed Change” [Free Treats Volume 001, free download]
09. Skrillex – “First Of The Year (Equinox)” [Big Beat 075679968098]
10. Isquare – “Hey Sexy Lady” (Skrillex Remix) [Interscope]
11. Skrillex & Korn – “Get Up!” [Roadrunner 016861365202]
12. Rednek – “Game Over” [Jack Knife Records JKR019]
13. Rednek – “I’m Not Skrillex” [Rogue Industries 387760]
14. Rednek – “I’m Not Skrillex” (VIP Mix) [Rogue Industries 387760]
>>> Skrillex – “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” [mau5trap MAU5CD004]

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2 Responses to “Brostep vis Beautiful” (80% Skrillex 20% Rednek)

  1. Fuck yeah! Nice stuff man

  2. hans gruber says:

    krass geil, sehr motivierend. ich merk, wie sich im sitzen schon so muskeln in den beinen anspannen…

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