“Sonic Space” (Sonic / early Space Recordings)

Mix 8: “Sonic Space” (31:19 minutes, mixed by DJ Mix 2012-12)

I love the early releases by Sonic on his label Space Recordings, have been loving them ever since my DJ used to rinse them almost a decade ago… Now I finally made a mix with them myself, and I quite enjoy(ed) it.

download 256 kbps mp3 from hearthis.at/djmix
download 256 kbps mp3 (mirror)

01. Sonic – “Feel the Vibe” [Space SPACER002]
02. Sonic – “What U Do 2 Me” [Space SPACER001]
03. Sonic – “Still Dreaming” [Space SPACER003]
04. Sonic – “Love Came In” [Space SPACER002]
05. Sonic – “Futureworld” [Space SPACER001]
06. Sonic – “Futureworld II” [Space SPACER003]
07. Sonic – “Then” [Space SPACER003]
08. Sonic & Ed Rush – “Kinetic” [Space SPACER012]

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