Vector Burn Set live 2014-05-10

Vector Burn Set live 2014-05-10 (53:29 minutes)

I first didn’t want to upload this because the mixing is quite not good.
But the tunes are good, so I uploaded it after all. “Enjoy or don’t”

download 320 kbps mp3 from
download 256 kbps mp3 (mirror)

01. Vector Burn – “PNG II” [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]
02. Vector Burn – “Flame Surfacing” [Critical CRIT002]
03. Vector Burn – “Propaganda” [Replicant Audio REPA005]
04. Vector Burn – “Reflective” [Technorganic TECO007]
05. Vector Burn – “Quiet Wars” [Cyanide CYAN003]
06. Vector Burn – “Firefly” [Scientia TIA001]
07. Dphie – “Five Faces” (Vector Burn Remix) [Critical CRIT004]
08. Vector Burn – “Interlace” [Replicant Audio REPA001]
>> Vector Burn – “Interlace” [Replicant Audio REPA001]
09. Vector Burn – “Plummet” [Ohmresistance / Offshore OHMOSR006]
10. Vector Burn – “Spider Garden” [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]
11. Motion Theory + Vector Burn – “The Day The Oceans Boiled” [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]
12. Vector Burn – “Orchid” [Warm Communications ‎WARMLTD001]
13. Vector Burn – “Sterile” [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]
14. Vector Burn – “Sickle Cell VIP” Vaccine Resistant [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]
15. Vector Burn + Castor – “Afterimage” [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]
16. Vector Burn – “Human Element” [Internet www023 “Ghost Maps” LP]

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