All Zardonic classic Mix 2015-07-17

All Zardonic classic Mix 2015-07-17 (38:09 minutes, mixed by DJ Mix)

download 320 kbps mp3 from
download 320 kbps mp3 (mirror)

01. Zardonic – “The Myth” [Zardonic ZRD019EP]
02. Nine Inch Nails – “The Hand That Feeds” (Zardonic RMX) [Jacked JACKED005]
03. AK12100 – “Junior’s Tune” (Zardonic VIP) [Big Riddim BGRDM004]
04. Voodoo Velkro – “Hydra” (Zardonic RMX) [World Empire The Ultimate Sound Conspiracy Comp…]
05. The Berzerker – “Caught In The Crossfire” (Zardonic RMX) [Berzerker Industries BZK001CD] Edit
06. Evol Intent – “Call To Arms” (Zardonic RMX) [still unreleased?] Edit
07. Zardonic feat. J. Messinian – “Policia” [Cymbalism CYMB011]
08. Zardonic – “Frozen Pathways VIP” [SubSonicSound SSS020]
09. Zardonic feat. Mumblz – “System Activated” [Human Imprint HUMA8030]
10. Zardonic feat. Nukage – “Maximum Compression” [Subversion Industrial Sonic Assault v1.0]
11. Zardonic + Counterstrike – “Hardcore Will Never Die” [Human Imprint HUMA8030]
12. Zardonic – “Destroy Your Enemy” [Zardonic ZRD022]
13. Zardonic feat. Brainpain – “Fucking Up The Program” [MindSaw MSAW007]
14. Zardonic – “Ctulhu” [Zardonic ZRD022]

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