Zitat zur Asyldebatte

I’m Egyptian. I am an asylum seeker in a refugee camp in Germany. I escaped from Egypt in 2004, after Islamic terrorists assaulted and tried to kill me.

I used to serve in our church in Egypt, helping people who needed help, giving them food, clothes, and medicine, and praying for them. Then in 2003, Islamic terrorists stopped us and attacked me and my friends.

We were tortured and beaten. They burned the church. They also burned my house. Then the police arrested and put me in prison on charges of disturbing public order, preaching Christianity, and rape of a Muslim girl.

After 3 months, they released me, after I gave them the jizya tax of 10,000 thousand Egyptian pounds to release me. Still, I was told to convert to Islam or I would be stoned to death. I got a visa and
escapes to Kuwait in August 2004.

I started a new life. I worked hard for ten years and established a good company. Last October, they found out where I live and they sent they group to Kuwait known as an ISLAM PRESENTATION COMMITTEE. Some Ansar Alsona members together with one of the family members of the girl came to me and attacked me again. They beat me and broke my legs. They also whipped me. The Kuwaiti police came and took me to the hospital, but unfortunately they said we cannot protect you, they have the right according to Sharia law to do what they did.

Thank God, I escaped again, and I applied for asylum in Germany after I got a Schengen visa from the Embassy of Switzerland in Kuwait after eight months. Unfortunately, here they rejected my request and they ignored my humanity: I am facing deportation to Switzerland on August 7, 2015: next Friday.

I don’t know where I shall go or what I shall do — especially since Switzerland may send me back to Egypt again, as they have said they will not accept any more refugees.

There is no safety. I’m tired of disappearances and escapes and movement from one country to another. Here in Germany in the refugee camp there are a lot of ISIS Muslims. They come and they get asylum right away. Some of them already have Hungarian passports, and some Spanish passports. With that, the German government will give them residency. Really, I think if I were an ISIS member, I would easily get asylum right away.

Islamic jihadis get asylum right away in Germany. But as I am Coptic, they ignore my case. I think it’s better to join them in Syria or Iraq or even in Egypt.


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